Education Queue Management System

Tailoring QueueBee Solutions For A Student-Centric Environment

Discover how QueueBee's Queue Management System and other solutions streamline the process of admission and student enrollment for education institutions such as colleges and universities.


Transforming Education Across The Campus

Our pledge is to significantly elevate the student experience across all departments within colleges and universities. We've assisted a multitude of educational institutions, helping them engineer more efficient operations and seamless student journeys. Explore how our solutions transform administrative areas:

Bursar's Office

Bursar's Office

Quick, effortless collection and analysis of student charges.
Admissions and Open Days

Admissions and Open Days

Minimise waiting times and effectively manage crowds.
Academic Advising>

Academic Advising

Simplify your academic counselling appointment scheduling.
Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Streamline queue management, prioritising student well-being.
Financial Aid Departments

Financial Aid Departments

Craft streamlined, effective student workflows.
IT Departments

IT Departments

Smooth out appointments for all IT services across campus.
Athletic Departments

Athletic Departments

Efficiently manage your on-campus athletic facilities.
Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Enhance the overall student experience in every facet of college life.

The Student Journey With QueueBee Solutions

Transforming Education Across


Simplified Booking
Revolutionises appointment scheduling for students, making it a stress-free process.
  • Students can seamlessly book appointments through the university's website, the Education Portal, or our QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series).
  • Instant appointment confirmations and reminders are sent via email or text message, ensuring students are kept informed.

Arrival & Check-In

Seamless Transitions
Ensure a smooth transition for both walk-ins and scheduled appointments.
  • Physical queue tickets can be obtained on-site from the QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series).
  • Convenient check-ins are possible within the vicinity, and students can acquire a virtual queue ticket through the Education Portal, simplifying the process.


Engaging and Informative
Transform the waiting phase into an engaging experience.
  • Dynamic and relevant content is displayed on screens, including the latest campus activities and queue status updates, keeping students informed.

Service Interaction

Personalised and Efficient
Ensures smooth service delivery with innovative technologies.
  • Service counters are equipped with QueueBee Counter Display (QB-CD Series), QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series), and QueueBee’s Virtual Call Terminal, ensuring efficient operations.
  • Alerts are sent to students on their turn, either on their mobile device or via on-site digital displays.
  • The virtual call feature enables remote service interaction, further enhancing efficiency

Feedback Management

Harnessing Student Insights
Capturing valuable student feedback
  • Feedback is collected through various channels such as the QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series), the Education Portal, mobile devices, or by scanning a QR code on the queue ticket, promoting continual improvement based on student insights.

Introducing Tailored Solutions For Educational Institutions

Education Portal

Experience an efficient student journey with our web-based Education Portal. Our customisable portal empowers educational institutions to:
  • Offer seamless appointment booking and flexible queue ticket options.
  • Provide real-time queue status updates to keep students informed.
  • Facilitate student feedback submission to better understand their needs.
  • Integrate virtual call options to deliver an exceptional student experience.

Queue Management

Elevate service delivery with our Comprehensive Queue Management solutions, including the QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series). Our systems allow educational institutions to:
  • Efficiently manage physical, virtual, and hybrid queues.
  • Reduce student wait times for increased satisfaction.
  • Improve overall service delivery through advanced queue solutions.

Integrated Campus Solutions

Our integrated solutions combine the software and hardware systems to offer a seamless and efficient experience for both students and staff. With a focus on enhancing communication and service delivery, our solutions:
  • Streamline student service processes.
  • Optimise the usage of on-campus resources.
  • Provide real-time data for improved decision making and student experience management.
Tailored Solutions

Display Management

Promote clear communication and reduce confusion with our Dynamic Display Management solutions, including the QueueBee Multimedia Display (QB-MMC Series). Our systems empower educational institutions to:
  • Inform and engage students with digital displays in waiting areas, showing meaningful content while reducing perceived wait time.
  • Control multiple displays from a single desktop for operational efficiency.
  • Customise designs to support various formats and enhance brand identity.
  • Inform students about the latest courses, extracurricular activities, campus events, and essential updates.
  • Display queue info on the screens so that your students are always updated.

Appointment Booking

Enhance student satisfaction with our Advanced Appointment Booking system. Educational institutions can:
  • Schedule appointments at the student service centre.
  • Specify the required service and date/time.
  • Reduce physical wait times for an improved student experience.
  • Streamline operations for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Flexibly adjust appointment settings to cater to specific institutional requirements.

Student Feedback

Drive student-centric growth with our Multi-Channel Student Feedback solutions. With various channels available including our QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series), QR code scanning on queue tickets, and via the Student Portal, we enable educational institutions to:
  • Collect valuable insights from students.
  • Understand student needs and expectations for service improvement.
  • Utilise industry-standard metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score) to gauge student satisfaction and service effectiveness.

Efficient Software

Centralised Dashboard

Streamline queue management within your institution with a fully web-based, centralised dashboard that can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time.
Centralised Dashboard

Valuable Reports

Tailor reports to suit user and management requirements, including performance metrics, service efficiency, student satisfaction, student journey report, and more.
Valuable Reports

Flexible System Configuration & Integration for Educational Institutions

QueueBee offers customisable settings and seamless integration capabilities, making it the perfect solution for educational institutions with diverse needs.
Flexible System Configuration & Integration

Student Service Desk Interface

QueueBee’s Virtual Call Terminal
Our user-friendly, web-based interface is designed for service staff in educational institutions.
Student Service Desk Interface

The Benefits

Education Benefits

Reduce Student Wait Times

Reduces student wait times and enhances satisfaction. Our innovative solutions optimise queue management and facilitate seamless service interactions, creating a more efficient campus environment.

Simplify Administrative Processes

Streamline operations and tasks for college administrators. The centralised dashboard, combined with real-time data, provides a comprehensive overview of operations, allowing for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Eliminate Missed Appointments

Advanced appointment booking system ensures no missed appointments and promotes efficient scheduling. Our customisable reports provide in-depth insights into appointment management efficiency, aiding decision-making processes.

Improve Campus Experience

Student-centric solutions enhance the overall campus experience. QueueBee significantly reduces student wait times and facilitates personalised service interactions, leading to higher levels of student satisfaction.

Our Clients

Education Clients

Elevate Your Campus Experience With QueueBee

Don’t let your students wait. Improve their campus experience with QueueBee's tailored solutions. Our offerings are designed to streamline your operations, enhance student satisfaction, and foster an environment of continuous improvement. Get in touch with us today and transform the way your institution handles queues and appointments.