Appointment Scheduling App & Booking Software

QueueBee's appointment scheduling app & booking software allows customers to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments easily through a web or app interface.

  • Streamline appointment management for smooth operations
  • Reduced wait times for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Timely reminders to Prevent no-shows and increase productivity
  • Optimise staff and resource allocation for maximum efficiency
  • Tailor your business solutions with customisable appointment settings
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How Does Our Appointment Scheduling Work?

Multi-Channel Booking

Multi-Channel Online Booking

Dedicated Customer Portal

Offering a personalised platform for customers to book appointments, and manage their bookings, ensures a seamless booking experience.

Website Booking

With an integrated online booking system on your website, customers can easily make appointments while browsing your services, enhancing user engagement and convenience.

Mobile App Booking

Catering to the on-the-go customer, our mobile app allows users to book appointments anytime, anywhere, providing an effortless scheduling process in the palm of their hand.

Social Media Booking

Enables appointment booking directly from your business's Facebook and Instagram pages, making it easier for your socially engaged customers to schedule their appointments without leaving their favourite platforms.

Effortless Online Booking Process

Discover and Select Services

Customers pick services online via the customer portal or mobile app that best meet their requirements.

Choose Date and Time

Customers select a suitable date and time from the available options, providing them with flexibility.

Enter Details and Confirm

Customers input their personal information, such as their name and email, and confirm the booking. This information is securely stored by the system.

Receive Online Booking Confirmation

Upon confirmation, customers receive a detailed booking confirmation, including a QR code or link for check-in, and a reminder notification before the appointment.
Effortless Booking Process
Flexible Appointment Management

Flexible Appointment Management

Appointment Approval Process

Streamline your operations with our system that allows for an added layer of control, enabling the approval or rejection of appointments. This feature is particularly beneficial for specific sectors that require strict appointment validation.

Notification & Reminder

As an alternative, customers can also check-in on-site using a QueueBee Standee Kiosk or a QueueBee Tabletop Printer for an effortless check-in experience.

Appointment Cancellation or Reschedule

Post-booking, customers can manage their appointments by rescheduling or cancelling as needed, all done via the customer portal or mobile app.

Seamless Check-In Options

Customer Portal Check-In

For a smooth arrival process, customers can check-in remotely using the link or QR code provided in the booking confirmation.

On-Site Check-In

As an alternative, customers can also check-in on-site using a QueueBee Standee Kiosk or a QueueBee Tabletop Printer for an effortless check-in experience.

Mobile Check-In

Enhance customer convenience with mobile check-in functionality. Customers can confirm their arrival with just a few taps on their mobile device, providing a quick and efficient check-in process.
Seamless Check-In Options

Appointment Scheduling Key Features

Multi-Channel Booking

Multi-Channel Online Booking

Accommodate customer preferences with easy appointment bookings through various channels, including the customer portal, online, mobile devices, or in-person.
Notification And Confirmations

Notification And Appointment Confirmations

Reduce no-shows with automated email, SMS, or WhatsApp reminders and confirmations, improving customer experience.
Effortless Check-In

Effortless Check-In

Provide a seamless arrival experience with check-in via the customer portal, QueueBee Standee Kiosk, or Tabletop Printer.
Appointment History

Appointment History

Allow customers to view their past appointments, enabling easy rescheduling or booking of similar services, enhancing convenience and user experience.
Personalised Booking Interface

Personalised Online Booking Interface

Match your brand and create a consistent look across all customer interactions with a customisable booking interface.
Flexible Appointment Rules

Flexible Appointment Scheduling Rules

Tailor your booking settings for diverse business needs, including business hours, booking restrictions, and more.
Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting

Make informed decisions and enhance customer satisfaction with insightful data on reschedule frequency and no-show rates.
Integration & API

Appointment Integration & API

Seamlessly connect with Facebook, Instagram, HIS system, and Banking system for a unified appointment management experience.
Calendar Sync

Appointment Calendar Sync

Synchronise appointments with calendars such as Google or iPhone, ensuring schedule coordination and avoiding double bookings.

Appointment Scheduling Setup

Easily manage and tailor your appointment scheduling with these features, providing adaptability and simplicity for your business and customers.

Business Hour Settings

Control your business hours by setting specific times for staff and services, offering the flexibility needed for effective scheduling.

Back-to-Back Bookings

Ensure customers can book several services together by showing only available slots that accommodate all chosen services in a row.

Service Durations

Define the duration of each service to accurately schedule appointments and manage staff workload, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Staff Availability

Set individual staff availability for specific services, hours, or days, ensuring that customers can book with the right staff member based on their expertise and schedule.
Appointment Setup

Recurring Online Bookings

Promote repeat business by enabling customers to schedule multiple future appointments at once, offering convenience and fostering customer loyalty.

Custom Buffer Times

Add buffer times before and/or after appointments to allow for setup, cleanup, or breaks, ensuring a seamless service transition and avoiding overbooking.

Online Booking Restrictions

Customise booking and cancellation rules, such as limiting customer bookings, setting advance booking/cancellation periods, and more.

Group Appointment Scheduling

Streamline group appointment scheduling by allowing customers to book and pay for multiple appointments in a single transaction, simplifying the process for all involved.

Dashboard And Reporting

Gain insights into booking trends, peak times, and customer behaviours to make informed business decisions.

Appointment Statistics

Track the number of appointments made, completed, rescheduled, cancelled, and appointment approvals. This data can help identify peak times, appointment flow, and customer preferences.
Appointment Statistics

No-show Rates

Monitor and analyse the frequency of missed appointments. Use these insights to formulate strategies to reduce no-shows and improve service efficiency.
No-show Rates

Staff Utilisation Reports

Gauge staff efficiency with data on the number of handled appointments, time per appointment, and peak times. Use these insights to optimise schedules and resource management.
Staff Utilisation Reports

Appointment Duration Reports

Understand the average duration of each service offered to schedule appointments more accurately, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.
Appointment Duration Reports

Customer Portal

Enhance the appointment booking experience with a customer portal, designed for convenience and ease of use for your customers.

Customer Portal

Simple Appointment Booking

Let customers easily browse services, choose dates and times, and book appointments at their convenience within the portal.

Real-Time Availability

Display up-to-date staff and resource availability to avoid double bookings and help customers find suitable appointment slots.

Appointment Management

Offer customers tools to view, reschedule, or cancel appointments effortlessly, promoting a smooth and efficient scheduling process.

Notifications and Reminders

Keep customers informed about upcoming appointments, changes, and updates with automated notifications and reminders in the portal.

Recurring and Group Bookings

Support booking of recurring appointments and group sessions, ensuring a user-friendly experience for customers scheduling multiple appointments or coordinating with others.

Remote Check-In

Allow customers to check in for appointments via the customer portal within a specific radius, simplifying the arrival process and improving their overall experience.

Compatibility For Effective Appointment Booking

QueueBee's Appointment Booking solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with various systems and platforms, streamlining your operations and offering a cohesive user experience:

Appointment Booking Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

An appointment booking system is a digital tool enabling customers to schedule appointments or reservations with businesses. It streamlines the process, allowing users to choose available time slots, specify appointment details, and receive confirmations.

An online appointment booking system allows clients to select and book appointments through a website or app. It keeps the calendar updated in real-time and sends automatic reminders to both clients and staff. This helps manage schedules efficiently, ensuring businesses can maximise their operational efficiency and clients are kept informed.

Appointment booking system optimise time management, reduce scheduling errors, and enhance efficiency. It provides convenience for both businesses and customers by streamlining the appointment-setting process.

To create an effective appointment scheduling system, choose a platform that can be tailored to your business's needs and easily integrates with your existing tools. It should be accessible and straightforward for clients and staff, with features like automatic reminders and an easy-to-use online booking interface.

An appointment booking system is crucial for businesses as it enhances operational efficiency, improves customer satisfaction by offering booking flexibility, and optimises staff workload. It also provides valuable insights into customer preferences and peak service times, aiding in better resource planning.

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