Healthcare & Patient Queue Management System

Revolutionising Patient Experiences Through Streamlined Journey Management

Discover how QueueBee's Patient Queue Management System and other solutions streamline patient journey for healthcare sector such as clinics and hospitals.


Specialised Healthcare Solutions For Holistic Care

We believe in tailored healthcare solutions for various settings. Our approach focuses on harmonising operational efficiency with superior patient experiences, striving to elevate the quality of service across diverse healthcare sectors.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics

Ensure seamless patient management from registration to discharge for a stress-free healthcare experience.
Pediatric Clinics

Paediatric Clinics

Foster child-friendly environments with proficient patient management to alleviate stress for young patients and their parents.
Health Screening Centres

Health Screening Centres

Enhance the health screening process with efficient patient flow and prompt delivery of results, fostering a culture of proactive, preventative care.
Traditional Medical Centres

Traditional Medical Centres

Improve patient management and appointment scheduling within holistic healthcare practices, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine clinics.
Dental Centres

Dental Centres

Improve the patient journey from reception to treatment, ensuring optimal efficiency and patient satisfaction.
Optometry Clinics

Optometry Clinics

Manage patient journeys proficiently from eye exams to follow-up care, improving service delivery and patient satisfaction.
Dermatology Clinics

Dermatology Clinics

Streamline patient flow and consultation scheduling in skincare and dermatology clinics, contributing to enhanced service delivery and patient satisfaction.
Physiotherapy Centres

Physiotherapy Centres

Manage therapy schedules and patient progress tracking efficiently to facilitate superior therapeutic outcomes.

Innovating Patient Journeys

Delivering innovative solutions designed to transform patient journeys and enhance the overall healthcare experience. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) and existing infrastructures, simplifying patient flow, elevating operational efficiency, and promoting stress-free patient experiences.

Innovating Patient Journeys

(Appointment and walk-in)

Appointment Booking
Our intuitive web-based patient portal enables effortless scheduling, significantly reducing walk-ins.
Walk-in Patients
Obtain physical queue tickets easily from QueueBee Standee Kiosks or Tabletop Printers.
Check-in Options
Patients can conveniently check-in either by scanning QR codes at QueueBee Standee Kiosks or QueueBee Tabletop Printers to obtain a physical queue ticket.

Seamless Transfer
(Out-Patient Clinic, Imaging, Diagnostic, Lab & Consultation)

Interdepartmental Transfer
QueueBee's One Queue solution enhances patient flow across all touchpoints, from out-patient clinics and imaging centres to diagnostics, labs, and consultation rooms.
By integrating with HIS and EMR, we further streamline check-ins and department coordination, ensuring a seamless patient experience.

Effortless Payment

Patients can use their queue ticket number for seamless payments. Our system facilitates smooth transactions, efficient record-keeping, and reduced wait times.


Patients can visit the pharmacy using the same queue ticket number, ensuring a seamless experience.

Post Treatment

Patient Feedback
We collect feedback through user-friendly methods, including the patient portal, QR scanning, or QueueBee Patient Feedback Terminal, gathering valuable insights for improving patient experiences and performance.
Patient Support
QueueBee Support Management Solutions promptly address and resolve queries across various channels, fostering a comprehensive and satisfying patient experience.

Solutions For Healthcare

Appointment Booking

Effortlessly streamline patient scheduling with our automated reminders, reducing patient no-shows and minimising unexpected walk-ins.

QueueBee One Queue

Simplify patients' journeys across all departments with a single, unified queue ticket. Our solution enhances transparency and provides real-time insights, enabling you to elevate management efficiency and enhance patient experiences.

Patient Portal

Facilitate a comprehensive view of the healthcare journey. From appointment booking to queue ticket access and insightful feedback channels, our Patient Portal contributes to enhancing service quality and engaging patients actively in their care.

Patient Journey Management

Enhance transparency by providing a complete overview of patient journeys.
With the QueueBee Nurse Counter Calling Terminal, planning becomes more efficient, enhancing coordination with the Patient Portal. Monitoring turnaround time becomes seamless, fostering improved patient experiences.
Solutions for Healthcare

Interdepartmental Transfer

Ensure seamless patient flow across diverse departments. With QueueBee One Queue Solution, operational efficiency and consistency of your healthcare facility are significantly enhanced.

Digital Signage

Optimise the patient experience and foster an engaging environment with real-time updates and relevant information.
This intelligent solution serves to entertain, educate, and minimise perceived wait times, enhancing your healthcare facility's ambiance and patient satisfaction.

Patient Feedback and Support

Maximise patient feedback collection through multiple touchpoints. These invaluable insights empower healthcare facilities to make data-driven decisions to improve patient satisfaction and performance.
Our dedicated Support Management Solutions swiftly address enquiries and resolve patient issues, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying patient experience.

Customisable Solution & Integration

Deliver tailored solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of each healthcare facility.
Optimise patient journey management and enhance satisfaction by seamlessly integrating with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). QueueBee fosters effective queue management and superior patient care, thereby enriching the overall patient journey.

Efficient Software & Hardware

Centralise Dashboard & Report

Streamline healthcare operations with our comprehensive queue management software, which features integrated, powerful analytics. Access a consolidated dashboard and custom reports around the clock.
Centralise Dashboard & Report

Nurse Counter Calling Terminal

QB 20 | CCQ
QueueBee presents a web-based, user-friendly terminal for healthcare staff, bolstering queue management flexibility within medical facilities.
Nurse Counter Calling Terminal

Doctor Room Display

Delivers real-time, relevant information at your fingertips. It is a blend of customisable hardware and user-friendly software, designed to streamline patient flow and enhance operational efficiency.
Doctor Room Display

QueueBee Standee Kiosk

Streamlined Patient Experience
An integration of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, offering a seamless experience for patients while streamlining healthcare operations. It's capable of integrating with your Hospital Information System (HIS) for a unified healthcare solution.
QueueBee Standee Kiosk

The Benefits

Healthcare Benefits

Enhanced Patient Experience

Significantly improve the patient experience by reducing waiting times, providing transparent journey overviews, and offering flexible check-in options.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline patient flow across multiple departments, resulting in increased operational efficiency and optimal resource utilisation.

Real-time Data and Analytics

Gain valuable insights from real-time data analysis to support informed decision-making and continuous service improvement.

Our Clients

Healthcare Our Clients

Ready To Transform Your Healthcare Journey Management?

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