Support Management

Resolve Enquiries and Incidents Swiftly, and Personalise Interactions with our Scalable, Intuitive, and Collaborative Support Solution

  • Transform feedback into proactive strategies
  • Minimise response time while boosting customer satisfaction
  • Maximise agent productivity with case allocation
  • Ensure seamless integration with existing business applications
  • Elevate customer service efficiency for swift, effective responses
Support Management Solutions

Support Management Key Features

Real-time Enquiry and Incident Tracking

Help Desk in Real-time

Monitor and track service request enquiries and incidents promptly, ensuring swift resolution.
Intelligent Service Allocation

Intelligent Service Allocation

Delegate each service request to the best-suited staff, with options for escalation.
Transparent Escalation Process

Transparent Escalation Process

Systematically escalate unresolved incidents, ensuring they receive the necessary attention.
Effective Service Request Management

Effective Help Desk Support Management

Align enquiries and incidents with SLAs for a more organised approach.
SLA Compliance & KPI Management

SLA Compliance & KPI Management

Adhere to SLAs, tracking KPIs for continual service quality improvement.
Omnichannel Customer Support

Omnichannel Customer Support

Provide consistent, smooth support across multiple customer touchpoints.

How Our Support Management Solution Works?

Support Management Solution Works

Multichannel Service Requests Management

Efficiently handle enquiries and incidents across diverse channels. This solution ensures all customer voices are heard and managed effectively.
Multichannel Input
Accommodate enquiries and incidents from various channels like phone, email, social media, and direct feedback, providing an all-encompassing solution.

Service Request Assignment and Escalation

Assign and escalate service requests based on predefined criteria, catering to your unique priorities and requirements.
Manual Assignment
Our system allows for manual assignment of service requests, offering you complete control.
Criteria-based Assignment
Automate service request assignment based on predetermined criteria such as priority level, nature of the issue, or customer type.

Service Request Management, Escalation and Resolution

Empower your service agents to swiftly understand, manage, and resolve service requests to boost customer satisfaction.
Organised Request Views
Ensure easy tracking and management of service requests with organised, easy-to-navigate views.
Service Request Management and Escalation
Ensure efficient handling by reassigning or escalating service requests as necessary.
Facilitate quick issue understanding and resolution with our smart, streamlined system.

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Leverage data-driven insights and comprehensive reports to continually improve your service recovery and customer interaction strategies.
Time Tracker
Keep a clear record of time spent on each service request to measure and optimise performance within SLAs.
Data-Driven Improvements
Identify patterns and frequently recurring issues to refine your service recovery strategies.
Insightful Reports
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your support performance for continuous improvement with detailed, powerful reports.

Industry We Serve



Enhance patient experience with efficient query resolution.


Bolster customer satisfaction with swift response times.


Drive customer loyalty through seamless support management.


Improve subscriber relations with proactive service.


Strengthen client trust with responsive support.
Public Sector

Public Sector

Promote citizen satisfaction through timely assistance.


Foster parent and student contentment with streamlined support.


Boost customer retention with effective query handling.


Enhance patient care with immediate assistance.


Propel customer engagement with superior support.


Elevate guest experience with prompt service.


Accelerate customer satisfaction with swift support.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Ensuring Consistent High-Quality Service

To uphold a positive brand image, consistently meeting customer expectations is key. QueueBee's Support Management Solution includes a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) management feature that simplifies the process of defining, tracking, and adhering to SLAs, thereby ensuring service quality and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Service Level Agreements

Key aspects of our SLA management feature include:

SLA Definition

Set clear expectations for response times and resolution of service requests.

SLA Tracking

Monitor adherence to SLAs in real-time, preventing breaches.

SLA Reporting

Generate insightful reports on SLA performance to facilitate continuous improvement.

Prioritisation and Escalation

Automate prioritisation and escalation of service requests based on SLA rules.

Multiple SLAs

Manage multiple SLAs simultaneously, accommodating different customers or service request types.

Effectively managing SLAs, you can ensure that your team is always on top of their tasks, and your customers receive the service they expect and deserve.

A Holistic Approach to Customer Journey And Experience

Our Support Management Solution isn't standalone; it's part of a comprehensive suite of QueueBee products designed to enhance the entire customer journey. From initial engagement to feedback and support, we ensure a seamless, positive experience at every touchpoint.

Support Management Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Support management system and help desk system are related but serve different scopes within an organisation. A help desk system is typically focused on addressing immediate customer issues and technical support inquiries. In contrast, support management encompasses a broader range of services, including help desk functions, customer service strategies, and often integrates with CRM system to provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions. QueueBee’s support management system offers an integrated solution that includes traditional help desk capabilities while extending beyond to ensure a holistic approach to customer support and satisfaction.

While the size and nature of the business can influence the complexity of the support management system required, virtually all businesses can benefit from some form of support management. For small businesses, it might be a simple system to track customer inquiries and feedback. Larger enterprises might require a more sophisticated system integrated with CRM and other operational tools. QueueBee’s support management system is designed to be scalable, providing valuable tools for businesses of any size to improve their customer service and support efficiency.

Support management system can operate independently but are often most effective when integrated as part of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration allows businesses to have a unified view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, and support departments, enhancing the ability to provide personalised and efficient service. QueueBee’s support management system is designed to integrate seamlessly with CRM platforms, enriching customer data and insights, and facilitating improved customer relationships.

Implementing a support management system like QueueBee’s can significantly improve a business in several ways. It enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring inquiries and issues are addressed promptly and effectively. It increases operational efficiency by automating routine tasks and organising support tickets. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into customer needs and behaviours, enabling businesses to make informed decisions to improve products, services, and overall customer experience.

Customer support management involves overseeing and improving all aspects of the customer support experience. It includes developing strategies for customer service, managing support teams, implementing support solutions, and analysing feedback and performance to continually enhance service quality. QueueBee’s support management system provides the tools and analytics necessary for effective customer support management, ensuring businesses can deliver exceptional service consistently

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