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Discover how QueueBee's Queue Management System and other solutions streamline customer journey for telco providers / telecommunication businesses.


Revolutionising Telecom Services With QueueBee

In today's customer-centric world, telecom operators face constant pressure to deliver flawless experiences, manage costs, and drive revenue growth. Addressing these challenges requires an innovative approach, one that goes beyond traditional service models. QueueBee leads the charge with a powerful suite of digital transformation solutions. Our tools are designed to create seamless customer experiences, optimise resource utilisation, and maximise your profitability. Our solutions enhance operations across:

Service Desks
Service Desks
New Customer Onboarding
New Customer Onboarding
Bill Payments
Bill Payments
Service Upgrades and Changes
Service Upgrades and Changes
In-Store Pick-ups
In-Store Pick-ups

Customer Journey In Telecommunications

Customer Journey


Simplified Appointment Booking
Enable a hassle-free appointment scheduling process for customers. With QueueBee's advanced system, customers can:
  • Schedule appointments conveniently via the telecom company's website, customer portal, or QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series) for optimised telecommunication service journeys.
  • Choose the desired service, location, and preferred date and time, creating a personalised telecom experience.
  • Receive instant appointment confirmation through email or text message, along with a reminder closer to the appointment date.
  • Provide priority to specific customer segments (e.g., VIP, elderly and disabled people) for a smoother banking experience.

Efficient Arrival & Check-In

Enhancing Telecommunication Customer Flow
Our integrated solutions offer a seamless transition between walk-ins and scheduled appointments. Our solutions enable:
  • Customers can easily acquire physical queue tickets with the QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series) at the telecom store.
  • Convenient checking in within the vicinity and obtaining a virtual queue ticket through the Customer Portal, making the process efficient and enhancing the customer journey.


Informative Waiting Experiences
Turn waiting time into an informative experience with smart digital signage. Our solutions help to:
  • Engage waiting customers with dynamic and relevant content on the screens.
  • Inform customers about the latest services, packages, offers, and queue status, ensuring they are always updated.


Personalised Service Interaction
Provide a personalised service experience with QueueBee's integrated solutions:
  • Equip service counters with QueueBee Counter Display (QB-CD Series) or QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series) and QueueBee’s Virtual Call Terminal for smooth telecom service delivery.
  • Alert customers when it's their turn to be served, either through their mobile device or on-site digital displays.
  • Greet the customer by name rather than calling queue number.
  • Allow customers to interact with the service agent or through a virtual call feature for remote service interaction.


Proactive Feedback Management
Capture valuable customer feedback and promptly address any issues. With our advanced feedback collection system, telecommunication service providers can:
  • Gather customer feedback through various channels, such as QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series), the customer portal, their mobile device, or by scanning the QR code on the queue ticket.
  • Receive immediate notification of poor customer ratings or feedback, allowing for swift resolution and assistance.
  • Foster long-term relationships through timely follow-ups and consistent provision of excellent telecommunications services.

Introducing Tailored Solutions For Telecommunications

Telecom Customer Portal

Experience a streamlined customer journey with our easily accessible, web-based Telecom Customer Portal. With the convenience of scanning a QR code or directly through the telecom's website, our customisable portal empowers telecom companies to:
  • Offer seamless appointment booking and flexible queue ticket options.
  • Provide real-time queue status updates to keep customers informed.
  • Facilitate customer feedback submission to better understand their needs.
  • Integrate virtual call options to deliver an exceptional customer experience and assist remotely.

Appointment Booking

Enhance customer satisfaction with our Advanced Appointment Booking system. Telecom operators can:
  • Schedule appointments at the telecom centre.
  • Specify the required service and date/time.
  • Key in details such as phone no.
  • Reduce physical wait times for an improved customer experience.
  • Streamline operations for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Flexible appointment settings to cater to specific company requirements.

Queue Management

Elevate service delivery with our Comprehensive Queue Management solutions, including the QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series), equipped with ID card reading capabilities or QueueBee Tabletop Printer (QB-TP Series). Our systems allow telecom companies to:
  • Efficiently manage physical, virtual, and hybrid queues.
  • Reduce customer wait times for increased satisfaction.
  • Improve overall service delivery through advanced queue solutions.
  • Give priority to certain customers based on their segments (for examples VIP, elderly, and disabled people).
Tailored Solutions

Display Management

Promote clear communication and reduce confusion with our Dynamic Display Management solutions, including the QueueBee Multimedia Display (QB-MMC Series). Our systems empower telecom companies to:
  • Inform and engage customers with digital displays in waiting areas, showing meaningful content while reducing perceived wait time.
  • Control multiple displays from a single desktop for operational efficiency.
  • Customise designs to support various formats and enhance brand identity.
  • Inform customers about your latest services, packages, and offers.
  • Display queue info on the screens so that your customers are always updated.

Customer Feedback

Drive customer-centric growth with our Multi-Channel Customer Feedback solutions. With various channels available including our QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series), QR code scanning on queue tickets, and via the Customer Portal, we enable telecom companies to:
  • Collect valuable insights from customers.
  • Understand customer needs and expectations for service improvement.
  • Utilise industry-standard metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score) to gauge customer satisfaction and service effectiveness.
  • Act on feedback swiftly to maintain high customer satisfaction.

Support Management

Deliver consistent and excellent service with our Efficient Support Management Solution. Our system equips telecom companies to:
  • Manage customer support across various channels efficiently.
  • Get automated notifications to follow-up instantly with unhappy customers.
  • Escalate issues promptly for swift resolution and assistance.

Efficient Software & Hardware

Centralise Dashboard

Streamline queue management and operations within your telecom operator with a fully web-based, centralised dashboard accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.
Centralise Dashboard

Valuable Reports

Maximise your telecom operator performance by leveraging advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. These are designed to provide comprehensive insights for data-driven decision-making.
Valuable Reports

Flexible System Configuration & Integration

QueueBee offers customisable settings and seamless integration capabilities, making it the perfect solution for telecom operators with diverse needs.
Flexible System Configuration & Integration

Virtual Call Terminal

Our user-friendly, web-based interface is specifically designed for telecom service staff, providing flexibility and streamlining queue management.
Virtual Call Terminal

The Benefits

Telecommunication Benefits

Optimise Revenue

Allow customers to freely explore your telecom services while waiting, promoting a relaxed browsing experience and higher sales.

Enhance Service Efficiency

Anticipate customer needs before they even arrive for service, leading to quicker service times and increased conversions.

Increase Customer Engagement

Reach customers across digital channels, including mobile messaging and chat, for a seamless service experience. Keep them updated with the latest offers, service upgrades, and waiting times.

Personalise Customer Experience

Build credibility by addressing unique customer challenges and providing valuable insights. With our advanced analytics, gain a deep understanding of individual preferences and behaviours for tailored service delivery.

Promote Safety and Convenience

Regulate store occupancy and promote personalised service through appointments and pre-scheduled visits. Ensure customer safety and convenience, particularly crucial in a post-pandemic world.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Provide a transparent, time-saving, customer-focused method of waiting for service. An informative, hassle-free engagement will keep customers returning and enhance the perception of your brand.

Our Clients

Telecommunication Clients

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