Automotive Queue Management System

Transforming Automotive Customer Experiences With QueueBee

Discover how QueueBee's Queue Management System and other solutions streamline customer journey for automotive industry, such as car dealerships and rental companies.


Transforming Automotive Customer Journey Management

Our unique approach to automotive customer experience management is derived from our versatility in serving diverse segments of the industry, from car dealerships to auto service centres. We leverage our expertise in technology and service design to create solutions that meet the unique needs of each segment, while maintaining a consistent, high-quality service experience for all customers. Committed to supporting you in achieving your customer service goals and driving your business forward.

Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships

Enhance the sales and customer service experience by streamlining customer interactions and efficiently managing queues for test drives, enquiries, and purchases.
Service Centres

Service Centres

Optimise operations by facilitating appointment bookings, managing walk-ins, and collecting customer feedback to improve service quality.
Vehicle Inspection Centres

Vehicle Inspection Centres

Simplify the vehicle inspection process by allowing customers to book appointments, reducing wait times, and ensuring efficient service delivery.
Electricity Suppliers

Car Rental Companies

Improve customer experiences by streamlining pick-up and drop-off processes, managing queues, and facilitating feedback collection.
Fleet Management Companies

Fleet Management Companies

Assist in managing queues for vehicle services and maintenance, ensuring smooth operations. It can also provide a platform for collecting customer or driver feedback.
Courier Services

Courier Services

Simplify the package pick-up process by enabling customers to book appointments, thus reducing wait times. It can also collect feedback to improve service delivery.

Tailored Journey For Automotive Customer Experience

Automotive Customer Experience

Appointment Booking

Empower customers with the convenience of scheduling car service appointments
  • Enable customers to select the nearest service centre, choose a date, and provide necessary details such as car plate and mobile numbers via the QueueBee customer portal.
  • Send timely reminders via SMS and email to reduce no-shows and ensure smoother operations.

Arrival and Check-In

Enhance customer experience right from their arrival with QueueBee's advanced features.
  • Use Car Number Plate Recognition to identify arriving customers.
  • Notify customers of their arrival and help them easily obtain a virtual queue number via the customer portal.


Provide a seamless experience for walk-in customers with QueueBee's intuitive queue management.
  • Ensure smooth transition between walk-ins and pre-arranged appointments.
  • Enable customers to register and acquire physical queue tickets with the QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series) at the Service Centre.

In-Service and Service Journey

Personalise the service journey and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Welcome customers personally, replacing impersonal number calling with personalised interactions.

Waiting Period

Transform waiting times into engaging customer interactions.
  • Utilise display screens to provide information and engage customers.
  • Upsell your products/services with targeted ads, maximising the utility of waiting time.
  • Keep customers updated about their service journey and waiting time via live updates on the customer portal.

Payment and Car Collection

Simplify the payment process and car collection for an optimal end of service experience.
  • Facilitate swift payments at the counter, ensuring a seamless transition to car collection.
  • Notify customers when their car is ready for collection, maximising convenience.

Completion and Feedback

Leverage customer feedback for continuous service improvement.
  • Capture customer feedback post-service via user-friendly interfaces.
  • Proactively resolve issues when poor ratings are received, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Introducing Tailored Solutions For Service Centres

Customer Portal

Leverage technology with our customisable web-based Customer Portal. Accessible via scan QR code or direct link from the service centre website, our portal facilitates:
  • Seamless appointment booking for car services, offering customers flexibility and convenience.
  • Efficient customer feedback submission, providing insights into customer needs and satisfaction.

Appointment Booking

Experience the efficiency of our Advanced Appointment Booking system. This feature offers car service centres:
  • A streamlined process allowing customers to schedule appointments at their nearest service centre, indicating their required service and preferred date/time.
  • A significant reduction in physical wait times, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency leading to increased productivity.
  • Flexibility in appointment settings to cater to individual service centre needs.

Queue Management

Optimise service delivery with our Comprehensive Queue Management solutions. Powered by QueueBee Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series), our sophisticated system enables car service centres to:
  • Efficiently manage physical, virtual, and hybrid queues for walk in customers
  • Prioritise certain customers based on their segments (e.g., Appointment or Walk-in customers).
  • Encourage customers to register and book future appointments.
  • Enable customers who are unable to drive into the centre to check in and obtain a physical queue number.

Display Management

Revolutionise customer communication with our Dynamic Display Management solutions, including QueueBee Multimedia Display (QB-MMC Series). Our systems enable car service centres to:
  • Engage and inform customers with dynamic digital displays in waiting areas, reducing perceived wait time.
  • Control multiple displays from a single desktop, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Customise designs to support diverse formats and reinforce brand identity.
  • Display real-time queue information, promote your latest services, offers, and products.
Automotive Solutions

Car Plate Number Check-In

Transform your service process with our innovative Car Plate Number Check-In system, equipped with AI smart cameras for automatic car plate number detection. Our technology:
  • Automatic recognition and confirmation of arriving customers through car plate number detection, reducing operational effort.
  • Immediate notifications to customers upon their arrival via the customer portal, enhancing their service experience.

Service Journey

Boost transparency and customer trust with our Service Journey feature. This sophisticated feature allows car service centres to:
  • Provide real-time queue status updates and an overview of the car service journey, keeping customers well-informed.
  • Enhance customer confidence and trust with transparency and traceability for each service stage.

Customer Feedback

Drive a customer-centric approach with our Multi-Channel Customer Feedback solutions utilising QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal (QB-CFT Series). Our advanced system empowers car service centres to:
  • Collect valuable insights from customers through various channels, driving service improvement.
  • Understand customer needs and expectations, enabling tailored service experiences.
  • Swiftly act upon poor feedback to resolve issues proactively and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Support Management

Deliver consistent, top-notch customer service with our Efficient Support Management tools. Our system equips car service centres to:
  • Manage customer support across various channels efficiently.
  • Receive automated notifications for instant follow-ups with unhappy customers.
  • Promptly escalate issues for swift resolution and assistance.
  • Maintain high standards of customer service to foster customer loyalty.

Efficient Software

Centralised Dashboard and Accessibility

Streamline queue management and operations within your automotive business with a fully web-based, centralised dashboard accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.
Centralised Dashboard and Accessibility

Valuable Reports

Maximise your automotive business performance by leveraging advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. These are designed to provide comprehensive insights for data-driven decision-making.
Valuable Reports

Flexible System Configuration & Integration

QueueBee offers customisable settings and seamless integration capabilities, making it the perfect solution for automotive businesses with diverse needs.
Flexible System Configuration & Integration

Service Counter Calling Terminal

Our user-friendly, web-based service counter calling terminal is specifically designed for automotive service staff, providing flexibility and streamlining queue management within automotive businesses.
Service Counter Calling Terminal

The Benefits

Automotive Benefits

Better Management

The advanced appointment system from QueueBee not only offers convenience to customers, but also allows your service centres to pre-arrange car service slots, promoting optimal resource utilisation and smoother operations.

Operational Efficiency

Designed to significantly reduce operational effort. The auto check-in feature, driven by AI smart camera technology, streamlines the customer arrival process, leaving your staff free to focus on delivering quality service.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provides a seamless customer journey from start to finish, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience. From booking appointments to tracking their service progress via the customer portal, your customers enjoy a comfortable and engaging waiting experience.

All-in-One Solution

QueueBee offers an integrated solution managing the end-to-end customer journey. From appointment booking, arrival check-in, in-service tracking to feedback collection, our solutions cover all stages, offering convenience and improved management for service centres.

Clear Customer Journey

With QueueBee's solutions, transparency and traceability in service procedures are achieved. Customers are kept informed about their service progress in real-time, enhancing their confidence and satisfaction.

Innovative Approach

By embracing new technologies like AI smart cameras and virtual queuing, QueueBee positions your service centre at the forefront of the industry. These innovative features not only enhance service efficiency but also contribute to a modern and dynamic customer experience.

Our Clients

Automotive Clients

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