Video Wall Display: Does Your Business Need One?

Blog | Last Updated: Mar 07, 2024

In today's digital age, video walls have emerged as a solution for creating immersive and dynamic visual experiences. Comprising multiple interconnected screens, video walls offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses across various sectors to captivate audiences with high-resolution imagery and interactive content. From sprawling advertisements in retail environments to informative displays in corporate settings, video walls are redefining the way we communicate visually.

Video Wall Display: Does Your Business Need One?

Video Wall Features

QueueBee's video wall solutions define the landscape of digital displays by integrating advanced functionalities with user-friendly interfaces. Our systems are engineered to empower users, from content creators to IT administrators, with a suite of tools that make managing and displaying content not just easier, but more impactful. Here are enhanced features of our video walls:

Video Wall Features

Advanced Content Management with Drag and Drop CMS

At the forefront of our video wall technology is an intuitive content management system (CMS) designed for ultimate ease of use. Users can update their playlists with a simple drag-and-drop interface, making the management of dynamic content as straightforward as it is powerful. This feature is particularly beneficial for fast-paced environments where content needs to change regularly, ensuring that your video wall remains a vibrant, engaging focal point.

Flexible Event Scheduler for Effortless Monitoring

Our video wall solutions come equipped with a flexible event scheduler, streamlining the process of content planning and deployment. This tool allows for easy monitoring and scheduling of content across different times and events, ensuring that your messages are delivered at the most opportune moments. Whether it's for retail promotions, corporate announcements, or educational content, our scheduler adapts to your specific needs.

Comprehensive Proof of Play Reports

Understanding the importance of performance metrics, our video walls can generate detailed proof of play reports. With multiple templates available, these reports provide valuable insights into which content is performing best, helping you refine your strategy and maximise engagement. This feature is invaluable for advertisers and content managers looking to measure ROI and content effectiveness.

Simplified Content Display Across Multiple Units

QueueBee's video wall technology simplifies the content display for multiple units of interactive digital signage and displays. This ensures a cohesive and consistent messaging strategy across large spaces or multiple locations, enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing brand identity. Whether you're managing a single large-scale video wall or a network of interactive digital signs, our system provides a seamless solution for content display management.

Each of these use cases demonstrates the flexibility and impact of QueueBee's video wall solutions. By catering to the specific demands of different industries, our video walls not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also contribute to more effective communication, engagement, and operational efficiency.

Video Wall Components

Understanding the components that make up a video wall system is crucial for appreciating the technology's capabilities and the value it brings to various applications. QueueBee's video wall solutions are constructed with top-tier components, ensuring reliability, high performance, and stunning visual output. The key components include:

Video Wall Panels

The individual screens that link together to form the larger display. QueueBee offers LED and LCD panels to suit different lighting conditions and indoor applications, providing vibrant colours, deep blacks, and energy efficiency.

Video Wall Controller

A crucial hardware piece that manages content distribution across the panels, maintaining seamless visual integrity. It is equipped with the latest technology to handle high-resolution content without quality loss.

Mounting System

Offers structural support for the panels, designed for flexibility and ease of installation, ensuring secure and aesthetically pleasing setups in various environments.

Connectivity Solutions

Support a variety of input sources and connectivity types, including HDMI and DisplayPort, facilitating integration with existing AV infrastructure.

By integrating these components, QueueBee's video wall solutions deliver engaging visual experiences, catering to the diverse needs of clients across industries.

Video Wall Components

Video Wall Application

Video wall can be used in various industry such as

Building Lobby

Building Lobby

Retail Advertising

Retail Advertising



Conference or Meeting Room

Conference / Meeting Room





Buyer’s Tips for a Video Wall

Buyer’s Tips For A Video Wall

Investing in a video wall system is a significant decision that can greatly impact the way your organisation communicates and engages with its audience. Here are some key tips and considerations to help you make an informed choice:

What size video wall do I need?

The size of your video wall should be determined by the space where it will be installed and the distance from which viewers will typically view the content. A larger display is beneficial for environments where the audience will be further away, ensuring content remains impactful and legible. Conversely, in smaller or more intimate settings, a smaller video wall may be more appropriate to avoid overwhelming the space. Consider the dimensions of your space and consult with experts to find a balance between size, resolution, and viewer experience.

LED vs LCD Video Walls: Which is better?

The choice between LED and LCD video walls depends on several factors, including the intended use, installation environment, and budget:

LED Video Walls

Offer higher brightness, contrast ratios, and a wider viewing angle, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings with varying lighting conditions. They are also more scalable to larger sizes without the bezels (gaps between panels) that LCD displays have.

LCD Video Walls

Tend to be more cost-effective and offer higher resolution at smaller sizes, making them ideal for indoor applications where viewers will be closer to the screen. However, they do have visible bezels, which can disrupt a seamless viewing experience for large images or videos.

What is the difference between a TV and a video wall?

While both TVs and video walls can display content, video walls offer superior scalability, customization, and durability for commercial and professional environments:

Scalability and Customisation

Video walls can be customised to various sizes and configurations to fit specific spaces and needs, something not possible with standard TVs.


Video walls are designed for long hours of operation and can handle the demands of continuous use better than consumer-grade TVs.

Content Management

Video walls, especially when paired with platforms like QB10, QB20, or CCQ, allow for more sophisticated content management across multiple screens, providing a cohesive and dynamic presentation not achievable with standalone TVs.
What is the difference between a TV and a video wall?

Can you use regular TVs for a video wall?

While it is technically possible to use regular TVs to create a basic video wall setup, this approach generally lacks the durability, image quality, and seamless integration offered by professional video wall systems. Regular TVs are not designed for continuous, long-term use and may not provide the uniformity in brightness and colour calibration that video wall panels offer. For professional settings and optimal viewer experience, investing in a dedicated video wall system is recommended.

Transform Your Space With QueueBee Video Walls

Discover the power of dynamic visual communication with QueueBee’s advanced video wall solutions. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer engagement, streamline service efficiency, or create unforgettable visual experiences, our range of customisable video wall systems is designed to meet your unique needs and elevate your audience's experience today. Don’t just share your message—make it resonate with QueueBee Video Walls.