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Why QueueBee

  • One solution for all
  • Improving customer experience
  • Streamline the process flow
  • Resources optimization
  • Effortless info management from centralized dashboard

Virtual Queueing – Digital transformation of your customer journey

Optional to Physical Queueing – Virtual Queueing aids in a better waiting experience by allowing customers to wait remotely from nearby place or while running other errands. Customer will be notified on their turn via smartphone (SMS queue or WhatsApp queue) and attend to the service counter on time.

With minimal onboarding effort, QueueBee Virtual Queue Management is a simple and scalable solution that assists your business in achieving digital transformation of your customer’s queue journey, improves customer satisfaction and enhance staffs’ efficiency.

Benefits for Customers:

  • Queue remotely – avoid crowd in the premise and have control of the waiting time.
  • Receive notifications on queue status – notifications via Customer Portal, SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Priority access – make appointment in advance.
  • Virtual customer service – obtain support by video-chatting with customer service representative.
  • Marketing – learn more about service provider through marketing information on their customer portal.
  • Customer feedback – provide feedback after service has been received.

Benefits For Businesses :

  • Digital transformation – from conventional queue to hybrid or virtual queue.
  • Easy onboarding – only a QR code is required to access virtual queue.
  • Crowd management – organize service area to avoid huge crowd.
  • Customer Experience – better customer waiting experience thus happier customer.
  • Total traceability – from the customers start queueing until they finish being attended to and submit customer feedback.
  • Performance monitoring – optimize branch, staff, and service performance.

Take control of your customer’s waiting experience by implementing QueueBee Virtual Queue Solution now!

Navigating through
COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts people’s daily life globally, we are adapting to a new normal. The need for a safer environment for staffs and visitors becomes more important than ever for businesses that remain open.

A good solution to keep social distancing while providing services is using a virtual queue management system.

  • Minimize contact touchpoint by using mobile or virtual queuing solutions.
  • Arrange appointment in advance to regulate the number of visitors to premise at one time.
  • Real time notification on Mobile App, WhatsApp or SMS when the queue number is called.